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Xander: Shoot me, stuff me, mount me.

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Dalton Graham
14 May 1965
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I'm a bi poly person with 2 partners. I'm wicked allergic to all living, thinking creatures other than humans, as well as to sulfites and some other foods. Bleh! Lately the stuff that occupies me includes crocheting, beading, and reading lots and lots of slash. Hopefully some writing sneaks in there from time to time. You can look me up on OK Cupid, if you want.

All pictures used with my posts are my own and may not be used without permission, except for the following, whose permission I have received to use in my own journal:"Sleepytime Cthulhu" by Steven Dismukes, "out damn'd plot", by missoccurs, "Sky Captain Flying Ace", by fearless_jones, "dashing", by wildmachinery, "star to steer her by", by ldhenson, and "stacks," "start early," and "card catalog" by stuntdouble, and "Shiny", by lickourlegs; and the following, which are used without permission: the movie poster for Lawrence of Arabia, distributed by Columbia Pictures, and "Spander OTP", whose creator's URL got lost and to whom I am apologizing.

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